Real Estate Circulars

  1. Circular on Landowner / Investor
  2. Correction/Amendment on Goa RERA online Portal
  3. Applicability of Goa RERA
  4. Audit of Account and Submission of Annual statement of Accounts under Section 4.2(l) (D) of RERA (Act), 2016
  5. Extension of Registration of Real Estate Project, under Section 6 of RERA (Act), 2016
  6. Obligations of promoter in case of transfer of a real estate project to a third party under Section 15 of RERA (Act), 2016
  7. Architect's certificate, Engineer's certificate and Chartered Accountant's certificate under Section 4.2 (l) (D) of the RERA (Act), 2016
  8. Withdrawn 'Circular' dt. 27/01/2020 in view of recent 'Circular' issued dt. 10/12/2020 (Documents/information required for registration of project under Section 4 of RERA (Act), 2016- Separate Plan for Phase wise/Part Development)
  9. Correct disclosure of project funding by the promoter(s) for registration of real estate projects, under Section 4 of RERA (Act), 2016
  10. Registrations of Real Estate Agents And Their Obligations
  11. Issuance of Digitally Signed Certificate (DSC) by Goa RERA
  12. Masking/Hiding of Aadhaar & PAN Number(s)
  13. Extension of timeline for submitting Audit Report for FY 2019-2020 under Section 4.(2)(l)(D) and other Statutory Compliances
  14. Documents/information required for registration of Real Estate Project regarding sketch plan for phase wise or part development (recent 'Circular' dt. 10/12/2020 issued after withdrawing, 'Circular' dt. 27/01/2020)
  15. Rescheduling hearing complaint cases by the Goa RERA due to Covid-19 Pandemic
  16. Designation of the Maharashtra Real Estate Appellate Tribunal to be the Appellate Tribunal for the State of Goa
  17. Registration of Joint Development Agreement between Promoter/Builder and Land Owner
  18. Submission of Conversion Sanad for registration of real estate projects by the promoter/builder
  19. Online application for extension of registration of projects
  20. Online application for Renewal of registration of agents
  21. Uploading Guidelines issued on 31.01.2023 by the Directorate General of Audit, Indirect Taxes and Customs, New Delhi
  22. Updated Guidelines issued on 17.02.2023 in supersession of the guidelines issued earlier on 31.01.2023 by the Directorate General of Audit, Indirect Taxes and Customs, New Delhi
  23. Implementation of Section 51A of UAPA, 1967, Updates to UNSC's 1267/1989 ISIL (Da'esh) & AI-Qaida Sanctions list: 33 entries issued on 22.02.2023 by the Directorate General of Audit, Indirect Taxes and Customs, New Delhi
  24. Designation of one individual & two terrorist organisations under Sec 2(1)(m) & 35(1)(a) of Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967 and their listing in the first & fourth Schedule of the Act issued on 14-02-2023 by the Director General of Audit, Indirect Taxes & Customs, New Delhi